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Evolution in Logistics – The Importance of Diversity

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The provision of acquiring right logistics is the life blood of transnational business ventures.

Primarily developed by the military, logistics has changed over time. Logistics processes keep on evolving with ever-growing technologies and increased competition. Particularly, the last two decades have seen significant progression because the spectrum of imports and exports have increased manifold .

Each era has its own innovations that are considered a necessity of the time. Before you read the article to the bottom, stay informed that logistics simply means transporting goods, merchandizes and materials using the best available transportation modes. The modern imports and exports seem to be unachievable if logistics is not there.

What the logistics was like before 1850?

Logistics emerged even when there were limited means of communication and transportation. The army used to travel with cattle and pack animals as well as luggage carts. One notable change during this period was an increase in the number of armies mobilized. As time went by, supplies changed from animals to soldiers. Resupply became easier with the development of civilization and densely populated areas.

From the mid-19th century to the end of the 20th century

Logistics was greatly changed by the advent of the Industrial Revolution. The technological innovations in tools and internal combustion engines, powered cars, air transport, as well as modern communication, have not only transformed business activities but also everyday life, and the global economy. In 1940, logistics technology evolved from manual labor to automated methods of moving goods. Warehouse space can now be more efficiently used. Thanks to pallet lifts!


Logistics in the 21st century

The current century has seen major logistics developments. These include globalization, the development of computer technology and increased internet access. Logistics technology is definitely getting “smarter.” This era has seen significant development in “diversity”. Diversity can improve your business’ efficiency and ultimately help you grow on revenues by executing voluminous exports. In the future, companies that don’t embrace diversity will be left behind in terms of innovation and commercial success.


Like Cargogiants International, a logistics company that provides a variety of services is the ultimate cargo solution for the serious importers and exporters. It is more efficient to have one company handle all your logistics needs than to hire several smaller companies to perform different tasks.


Modern logistics and freight forwarders offer an extended range of services compatible to the contemporary business needs. Today, the logistics providers use amazing cargo equipment to make things easier. From rucking services to air freight, everything is getting digital. Efforts are being put to utilize Artificial Intelligence to achieve full automation in the cargo related chores.


Present day logistics constitute Procurement Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Distribution and Sales Logistics, Materials Transportation, Warehousing, Packing and Logistics Project Management. The advanced logistic software technology has make it possible to efficiently deliver the consignments. Diversity is sufficient to bring stability to your business by streamlining imports and exports of your goods, raw materials, machinery and others.


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