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Road Freight

the most widely used logistic service
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Road Freight – the most widely used logistic service

Cargogiants International’s road freight and truckload services are superior to the rest because of the size and efficiency of our carrier network. We also have the ability to optimize supply chain efficiencies by keeping customers informed about their shipment’s status and location.

Globalization is a contemporary reality. E-commerce is expanding at an exponential rate. The internet has made it possible to sell products and services worldwide. This has led to a greater demand for companies to manage logistics as well as facilitate road freight or FOR (Freight on Road). From Door-to-Door logistics to FOB (Freight on Board) terms, our connectivity with a diversified range of cargo vehicles worldwide helps us perform beyond our customers’ expectations. Cargogiants International remains intact with the local and foreign transporters to take your goods (imports and exports) from picking point to where you want them.

As transport is an essential part of your business activities. It is important to choose the right company to transport your valuable products.

Know the consequences of choosing a wrong company


Save your time, money and energy by choosing Cargogiants International. Stay informed that your wrong choice may incur you following unwanted costs.

  • Late deliveries or mistaken loading of goods
  • Poorly handled products and transit damages
  • Inappropriate customer service and tracking
  • Reputational loss and image deterioration

Cargogiants International is a trusted name in the logistics industry. Our land transport service is able to move goods from the source to the destination with care, safety and responsibility. Connecting suppliers, importers, exporters and B2B customers is what we do repeatedly by bridging transportation gap amongst them. We are up for trans-loading, warehousing and border services under the auspices of thorough documentation.

  • Massive Network of CarriersCargogiants International appreciates it transport planners who are always busy in managing our huge network across territories, industrial hubs and business centers.
  • Truckload Equipment Cargogiants International uses innovative Flatbed trailers, refrigerated trucks and dry van trucks to make loading of your machinery, industrial paraphernalia and merchandizes a convenient job.
  • Freight Customization Considering our clients’ requirements, we testify customization in freight services. Cargogiants International manages your full truckloads and less than truckloads for fair rates.

We can be your great business partner and help you grow strongly.